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“Content is the real king”

Does the above line sound very familiar to you?… might be … yes…

But do you know who and why said the above lines?

In 1996, while writing an essay for the website, Legendary “Bill Gates” wrote this line showcasing the importance of the newly invented internet for his website. For more than 26 years, the essay was placed on the website. Still, now it is no more available… do you know why?

Actually, in the initial days of the internet, images, and videos were hard to access hence text was easy to access and this fact made Bill realize that the very next thing to be monetized is going to be content, being easy to access and consume. cut to 2022, web 3.0 is live and the internet is more interactive now so the need for the content has been modified significantly so is the style of content, hence in the very beginning of this article, we put the question, why Bill said so?

In the modern era, the need and styles are changed and challenged every time hence you need to constantly update your style as per the requirement.

And Kavish Media can proudly assure you that we can easily provide you with the most suitable content as per the best industry practices.

Some of the content services provided by Kavish Media are as follows.

Website content– if you planning to start/ renovate website content then, Kavish Media can provide you with the best content. Best because the content would not only be easy to communicate but also take off SEO goals for your website inherently.
Corporate content- Are you planning to start a new company or a brand, then from logo to punch lines? From leaflets to corporate stationary writings, Kavish Media might be your one-point solution for all your content needs for such requirements.
Election content- if you are planning to contest an election and looking for someone who can support you from the backend so that you can focus more on the ground. From your speech to content for broacher, we are here to assist you.
Ghostwriting- If you are planning to write a book and only have the idea, then Kavish Media is there to help you in writing a book without asking you for credit and if you will give us the credit, then it will be great for us as well.
Research paper- If you are planning to file for a patent or want your experiments, and findings to get published in any journals or even planning for a P. HD. Thesis, then Kavish Media is here to help you with this objective.
Playwriting- we do provide playwriting for theatres, schools, and nukkad nataks (street plays) for events like marketing, annual functions, corporate meetings, etc.
In this way, you can see that Kavish Media can provide assistance with any kind of content requirements.
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