10 reasons why traditional media is being replaced by video

According to a report released by Ooyala stated that more publishers are now considering video as the main tool of marketing. Digital marketing and traditional media both agree with the fact that videos are the prime form of content consumption these days.

Following are the 10 main reasons behind every media company (online or offline) wants to give more focus on their video content:

  1. Social media news – Social media is the main source of information these days. Now, a single tweet from an authorized person can become breaking news. People don’t need to turn on their tv or radio to know about what happening around the world, because every time he or she logs in their social media account, he gets all the information. The average time spent on social media is significantly high, thus social media news in the form of video is a new trend.
  2. Mobile user expansion – Mobile users have surpassed desktop users. Video-savvy social media platforms are dominating in mobile videos. Users are more likely to watch a video on their news feed than to read a text.
  3. Publishers are more interested in online videos – One survey revealed that more and more publishers are now interested in online videos. Online video promotion can drive them cheap but targeted traffic, thus they don’t want to miss the opportunity that holds a fortune.
  4. Changes in the video – Videos are allowing companies to look into their current content marketing strategy carefully and tailor it to consumers’ needs. Data analysis also helps marketers decide how to make videos that bring more engagement, leads, and sales.
  5. Virtual reality – USA today launched the first branded VR news (VRtually There) channel. This technology is mainly used in the travel, news, and gaming industries. It gives the user a real-life experience with high-quality graphic technology.
  6. Personalization – Video-sharing platforms are keen to provide a user with customized video suggestions. Based on your previous browsing history, search engines present more related videos to users.
  7. Short forms are getting more popular – Short videos are very important to grab user attention and are more likely to be consumed than longer videos. Now, every publisher is after short, crispy, and curiosity arouser videos. Such videos also work great on the top of a sales funnel.
  8. Longer videos have a different but important job – whereas short videos are important at the top of the funnel or for arousing curiosity, longer videos are very handy to make a strong point on any issue or close the sale in some cases. Longer videos are used to give important but complicated information in an interesting way.

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