Corporate Films

A corporate film refers to any type of non-advertisement-based video content created for and commissioned by a businesscompanycorporation, or organization. Today, the vast majority of corporate video content is hosted online and is published on the company’s website page, and distributed through social media or email marketing.

What is a corporate film?

A film that will showcase speak about an idea, product, or service in detail covering all aspects including testimonials.

what is the difference between films and corporate films?

Well, in short, a film will have a length of 90+ minutes approx. but a corporate film will have a duration from 2 minutes to 30 minutes.

Why corporate films?

Long back in the celluloid days, advertisements releasing cost for 10-second cost a huge amount so marketers developed a way to produce a corporate film for their clients and started telecasting on local TV stations and later on from the inception of digital cameras (DSLR) and digital playback algorithms (DVD Players), use cases of corporate films increases by a volume and in the current era of digital media, corporate films serve a lot in terms of messaging and sales.

Why should I go for a corporate film?

If any of the following is your objective then a corporate film has to be in your marketing strategy.

  1. You want to educate your audience about your brand/ product/ service/ idea.
  2. You want to showcase the Realtime use cases with clients.
  3. You want to let the customer, investor, and target audience know about your infrastructure, whereabouts, and other such details.
  4. You want to communicate a complex subject in your own manner.

If you do agree with any of the above objectives then you should definitely go for a corporate film.


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Why Kavish media for corporate films?

While other production houses are doing a great job but what we have realized is that they produce more like a feature film in the name of “Corporate film” and that is totally fine because the end product should look fine but here the catch is, Kavish media, being a research-oriented firm always focuses more on messaging. The objective of the client will decide how much featurisation would require. If the detailing and minute details will convey the message then a crew of 5-7 people will be required for the shoot but if we need to showcase a king-size feel then obviously drone, trollies, and a team of 30 will make the shoot possible and this research will make a big impact of the budget also. Hence in most cases, we first try to educate our client about the scope, and then the discussion on the budget takes place.

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Suitable Sectors for a corporate film

Manufacturing sector

Agriculture sector

CSR activities

Educational sector

FMCG sector

Consultation sector


and much more.

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