Explainer videos

Imagine a situation, in which you are in a public gathering and want to break the ice, what best you would do?
There are chances that you will start with something interesting or something which might attract the attention of a lot of people, so basically you can relate an explainer video like this ice-breaking element.
Explainer video serves the basic objective of attention-grabbing in the shortest duration and in an interesting manner.
let’s address some common questions regarding “Explainer Videos”

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a marketing tool to introduce your company and summarize the basics of your brand such as your product and services.


An explainer video is a short-form video usually used for marketing or sales purposes that highlights a company’s product, service, or business idea in a compelling and efficient way. Most businesses host explainer videos on their landing pages or feature them on the homepage of their website. Some even use these videos to advertise their product or service on Facebook or other social media websites.

why Explainer videos are important?

93% of marketers say that they use videos because it is an important part of their business strategy. 87% of them confess that video gives them a great ROI. Videos can vary in style, length, and narration, but everyone wants to create an explainer video. There is a clue: these videos are extremely popular today.

An overwhelming majority of people (94%) report watching explainer videos to learn more about a product, with 84% being swayed to make a purchase.


as per Hubspot

what are key benefits of an explainer video?

Other than being trendy and attractive, Explainer videos have the following benefits

Time saver-  an explainer video condenses the basics of your business/service/ idea/ product into a 2-3 minute-long video saves time for both the consumer and your sales team, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved in the sales process.

Easy to share- Since they are short in length and mostly can be uploaded on popular social media platforms hence they are handy to share and introduce the message.

Effective CTA (Call to action)- being short in length, effectively you can address your audience with a high chance for the next needed action and in this way, you can gather more leads/ analytics and other facts about your target audience.

Cost Effective-  being short in length, explainer videos become cost-effective and if you will go with an animated explainer video then your cost would be more reasonable without compromising the brand image and messaging.

Focused – Since you have a limited time span for your audience hence an experienced producer would cut the crap and ask for a focused script which eventually leads you to more result-oriented analytics.

A good match for the Brand and audience- Since explainer videos are cost-effective hence you can design as per the demography of the audience keeping a broader audience in the loop for messaging.

What are effective "wh's" for an explainer video?

What, How, and Why

an explainer video strategy should have these three keywords in mind, while most of the time you can tame “what and how” but you can easily miss the why.

we will explain these three in detail for you but if you want to create a strong video marketing strategy with a focus on “WHY”, then do let us know.

what – what is the problem you are solving with your product, service, and idea for your audience?

How- How are you going to help your audience with your product, service, or idea?

Why- Why does your audience chooses you over others, keep this as straight as possible for an effective CTA response.

while balancing these three factors in a meaningful manner is tough but certainly not impossible and here we are here to help you. Do let us know if you would need our help.

What are types of explainer videos?

Mainly following are the type of explainer videos:-

Animated Explainer Video: The most popular option, animated explainer videos are used most often because of their visual nature and relative ease to creation – no extensive productions are required. Because of the educational format of an explainer video, animated explainer videos tend to be more visually interesting than a man standing in a room talking. Animated explainer videos range in style and function, but some popular styles include:

Infographic: These use charts, graphs, and clever iconography to emulate the style of an infographic while explaining the key features of your business.

Chalkboard: An overused but popular style of animated explainer video, this style features writing on a chalkboard or whiteboard and is popular because of how easy they are to make.

Product Simulation: This style features actual screencast footage of your product in action and is most useful as a high-level overview of a software or digital platform.

Character-Driven: This explainer video uses cute cartoon figures that should represent your prospective customer to tell the story of your product or service and how it can solve your customer’s problems.


Motion Graphic: Usually 3D-animated, this type of explainer video aims to tell your product or company’s story using representational objects to incite your audience’s imagination with pictures instead of words.

apart from these, there are various types that can be designed but they are like exceptions and would be based on particular cases.

What are key benefits of explainer videos for sales?

Did you know that 8 out of 10 customers confessed that they’d been convinced to purchase an app because of a mobile app explainer video they’ve watched on Youtube? The impact that videos have on customers cannot be overestimated.

The Pandemic affected the consummation of videos as well. 96% of customers say that the time they’ve spent watching videos online increased significantly. And we tend to believe them, as we also started to watch videos more frequently than ever. But what are the actual benefits of explainer videos for a business? Here are the three most essential points that you should ever ignore.

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