Election Management Services

Election Management services

“Democracy is based upon the conviction there are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people.”

Harry Emerson Fosdick

For India, elections are like a festival and an opportunity to chase and aspire dreams of common people and nations as well. But at the same time, contesting elections has become so much of management because attractive voters are one thing and making them vote for you is a challenge.


So basically, any contestant can divide the whole contesting process into two parts.

On-ground – the contestant has to make it possible to meet almost every voter personally and deliver the message personally. Voters should feel empathy and a personal connection with the contestant. This thing should never be missed or ignored. And most of the time a public figure has good practice in doing so.
Off-ground- this is the tricky part as the content himself can not manage each and everything and they need some assistance in doing so. They would require complete backend management in which tasks like voter slip management to door-to-door messaging come and this requires a high volume of resources and tracking.
Kavish Media helps you to take care of the second part. With the help of technology and communication strategies, we make the management part easier so that contests can focus more on the ground.
Following are the services provided for a better contestant experience
Election management- this includes training of your supporters, a war room establishment, surveys, block-level supervision, election roll management, and segregation of the voters as per caste, economical condition, and locality. Basically, our management services help you to touch each and every voter as much time as possible.
Promotions- in this segment we provide elements, starting from zero like speech writing, brochure design, content writing, stickers, and even pamphlets. We can provide the workforce for NUKKAD Natak, a video van, video banners, and static posters and banners.
Content- elections are more about messaging and we are here help you to craft the messaging more impactful by proving you with the pinpoint content whether be it your speeches, or the profiling. We help you to develop content with the intent of dialogue with the voters with every possible medium like text, images, videos, songs, NATAK, etc.
Consultancy- as a crickets know how to bowl or bat on any particular ball but still, but he needs assistance to evaluate the game on the basis of data and strategy, we provide consultancy with subjects like whether it is the right time to contest or not and if you wish to content then whom you need to target and address so that you can take benefit for the swing and make a path for yourself. What is the cognitive behavior of your supporters and how they can make or break you?
So, if you planning for the content election, then we are here to help you to gain as much traction as possible. Please feel free to connect

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