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“A picture is worth thousand words”

A picture thousand words
Many times, you might have heard/read this quote, but have you ever wondered why and how it was conceived? Actually, there are many theories around it but we have realized that there is a Chinese proverb “Hearing something a hundred times isn’t better than seeing it once” later on like any adage this proverb becomes “A picture is worth thousands of words” which was officially used by Syracuse Advertising Men’s Club in back 1911.

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Anyways coming back to the discussion, the point is that a picture can easily make you realize what boring literature can’t. In the current era of the digital age, the attention span of a normal user is very short, and to create strong communication it is really important to create an impressive graphical strategy so that a brand/ idea/ service can gather enough response. Merely knowledge of graphic techniques is not enough rather the strategy has more weight.

Kavish Media, with an experience of more than 7 years, can easily assist you to create a strong Graphic strategy that can meet your objective as well as a taste of your target audience.
We have designed graphics for almost all industries and audiences and you can easily rely on our expertise to create graphics for your brand. We mainly provide graphical services for the following purposes.
Digital Marketing- If you are planning for an SEO or SMO, we are here to assist you in creating eye-catching posts that will not only increase impressions but also significantly increase engagements. While designing we always start with “WHY” and trust us, this strategy works like magic.
Corporate Identity– If you are planning to create a design for corporate needs then we can serve you from logo design to brochure design, from visiting cards to outdoor banners. As per your brand philosophy, we start from scratch and then carry your visions via our designs.
Illustrations- there may be some cases where you will need some designs to explain something to your customer, for example, a security brochure, user manuals, or a how-to-use guide. Kavish Media has experience in designing such collaterals and you can rely on our expertise for such graphical content.
Whenever you need any graphic requirements, we can assure you that Kavish Media is always there to help you in reaching your goals quickly and easily.
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