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“Video informs and entertains people and, good or bad, today most people prefer to watch a video rather than read a page or text.”

Lisa Lubin


Well, In simple words if you will pass a minimum of 14 consecutive photographs from an eye, then the illusion will be like a “Live” image with motion in this way 1928, the video was invented and the very first TV was a mechanical television.

As technology progressed, we witnessed CRT, flat Screens, LCD, and now OLED screen smartphones. All along this journey, one thing was very common, the storytelling in form of video.

To understand the reason behind the video can be understood by the only fact that the most intelligent mind will need at least 3 days to understand a 300 pages book while a film made upon that book of 95-120 minutes will be understood quickly. This is the power of this medium in fact following data shows the impactful growth of video content


“82% of Global Internet Traffic in 2022 Will Come From Video”


“A person spends almost 100 minutes daily in order to consume content in form of video”


“14.9% of Millennials Watch 10-20 Hours of Online Video Per Week”

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Going by the above reports by CISCO and statista, video is a must for today’s business marketing and communication strategies. And in such an environment to catch up with the competition Kavish Media is there to help you with its expertise in video production services.

Mainly Kavish Media produces and develops the following types of video content for its clients.

Corporate films– corporate films are the favorite instruments of marketers. A corporate film gives a complete overview of a product/brand/service to its potential customers and serves as a communication channel. For all types of corporate film needs, Kavish Media is there to help you.
Check this link in order to know more about corporate films.
Explainer videos– in order to create an explanation about a service, product, brand, or even an idea, explainer videos are a great way to communicate. An explainer video must be hooky and easy so that it can pass the message to the viewer. Kavish Media has served more than 50 industries via explainer video services and we can assure you that with our expertise you will get maximum attention and engagement from your potential audience.
Motion graphic video– when you need to introduce your brand and identity in the most impactful manner then there is no alternative other than a motion graphic video. Motion graphic videos are not only attractive but at the same, the brand guidelines can easily be managed via this. Kavish Media can assure you that a motion graphic video will definitely serve you and your objectives very well.
Ad film– advertisement films are everywhere, you can watch them on T.V., in cinema halls, on YouTube, and on every social media platform. This is an easy, attention-grabbing, and effective manner of communicating a product or service. Kavish Media can completely help you from scratch to finishing product in order to produce an advertisement film.
Animated video– animated videos are a great source of imagination and communication. Using animated videos, you can convey a complicated subject in the easiest manner. They are funny, interesting, simple and rational, and cost-effective too. Kavish media can help you in designing the best-animated videos with the expertise and can help you to achieve your goals.
Documentaries– derived from documentation, a documentary film is a kind of live documentation of a person, place, or thing and can serve as proof of the subject. Kavish Media has produced documentary films for organizations like UGC, NTPC, and many NGOs and can assure you that with our experience and knowledge we can take your ambition to the next level via documentaries.
E-content– in this digital era, it is mandatory for educational content to be digital. Hence Kavish Media provides all-around services for e-content, like green screen shoot, animation, compositing, and complete post-production. With our assistance, you can easily create a saleable E-Content with satisfaction and result.
Kavish media can assure you that for every type of video requirement we are here to serve you with the best of industry knowledge, practices, and budget.

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