How these changes in Facebook and YouTube videos can affect online video marketing

Videos get greater engagement than any other form of online media and thus give real power to the marketers. Now, the announcements for new changes in Facebook and YouTube videos triggered news approaches to be taken by markers. Facebook and YouTube are two biggest sites that using video ads to promotes product and services.

Facebook video ad changes

Facebook announced that it would add auto play sound features to videos in the news feed. Until now, videos are playing silently with having the option to turn on the volume.

The auto sound play is a new feature Facebook is planning to introduce in its videos. Snapchat is already using this feature and its users have no problem with it at all. But, on Facebook, the story is different. While on Snapchat such videos are from individuals, but on Facebook, they are coming from advertisers. This may annoy Facebook users as these videos are not personal.

The new feature of the auto sound play is in a test period. And some features like reducing volume and turning off auto sound really make this feature unique. Currently, Facebook playing video on the left corners while a users browse through his news feed. This feature really increased user gratification rates.

Video marketing changing in YouTube

In an announcement, Google stated that YouTube will not support 30-second unskippable ads from next year. YouTube is more willing to run ad formats that are good for the users and as well for the advertisers.

30-second unskippable video ad format is very popular in advertisers as it allows them more time to hold users attention. Since YouTube is planning to stop supporting this video ad format, advertisers must make their video ad strategies accordingly.

Google has been promoting six-second unskippable video ad format on YouTube since April 2016. 6 seconds time is more or less acceptable for YouTube users. YouTube always tries to give its users what they really want. Indeed, users want more distraction free experience while browsing through YouTube, and YouTube really delivered that experience.

Now YouTube is celebrating its 12th birthday. It has really served the need of quality videos throughout the years.

Facebook and YouTube both are huge platforms; they have billions of hungry users waiting for amazing video content. So any changes made from them can really have a big impact. Now, video marketers plan their video ad strategies as per new changes.

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